MSA History


      Incorporated in 1966, the MSA is an organization made up of professionals from the general fields of public services,  maintenance,  and operations. 

         The MSA provides the forum and opportunity  for effective communication.among directors, managers,  maintenance superintendents, supervisory  personnel, utility officials and vendors to work together to better understand the common problems and  situations these professionals  face.

The sharing of knowledge,  technical  and professional  abilities, various phases of municipal, county, and state government,  and cooperation with the private sector enables members to provide the best service for respective customers.

        In the early 1960's the concepts of developing a professional  organization  began with superintendents meeting together to discuss possible solutions to mutual problems.  Soon after, other, public service agencies  and vendor representatives recognized the benefits of this interaction and the association  began. During the 1960's two founding chapters were formed, one in the San Francisco  Bay area and one in the Los Angeles area. The name Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA) was soon adopted.